Agile and Lean support and maintenance of IT Services and Information systems

This presentation deals with agile and lean support and maintenance of IT services. Agile approaches are considered as software development approaches mostly, but the usage of agile principles and techniques also brings a lot of benefits to the support and maintenance. Common support and maintenance standards, recommendations and methods are process oriented and omit human aspect that leads to low innovativeness and lack of proactive approach. Another current challenge perceived by companies and researchers is connection between IT and business, namely how IT contributes to business. This presentation takes a critical viewpoint of current approaches supported by facts and evidence. To solve mentioned issues, we define agile and lean support and maintenance principles and control framework for improvement and implementation of these principles in IT services. This framework respects human nature with cognitive science, motivation and typology research as solid basis. The described approach was piloted in 13 IT services. Achievements are enclosed as verification of practical results and benefits.

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