New ITIL version called 2011 released

TSO just released new version of ITIL, some people call it ITIL version 4.0. Basically changes are not so huge, the content is just refreshed, mistakes are corrected and also improvement proposals from community incorporated. Impact is as it would be 3.1 release, but the official name is ITIL 2011. Nothing like 4.0 will come or exist. New books are out from the last week (week #30).

Changes are following:

  • Even more focus on proactivity, not just firefighting and more connection to business/customer (started already in v3). This step is logical, because first ITIL version has been designed to deal with reactive actions, fire-fightning. It means what to do if service or component does not respond or has problematic reliability or maintainability. What more, customer researches done by analytical companies (e.g. Gartner, Forrester, EquaTerra) reports low satisfaction with IT vendors‘ proposals and activity, that should lead to better utilization of current customer IT.
  • New technologies taken into account, e.g. cloud
  • Re-certification is not needed but you can go for it, because new syllabus for courses will be released soon

Service Strategy changes

  • new Strategy management process – it was not covered well in previous versions. It discuss the topic how to create service strategy. Actually very important topic, very often services does not have any strategy!
  • new Business relationship management process created

Service Design changes

  • new Design coordination process – links together Service Design package and 5 aspects of Service Design into process form
  • Service catalogue is clarified

Service Transition/Operation changes

  • no huge changes, it was just restructured
  • process flows updated (e.g. Incident management)
  • Proactive Problem Management even more visible now

Service Improvement changes

  • Integrated with Deming’s PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle, so it is in-line with Lean thinking.

More info about new ITIL version can be found e.g. in this one hour Bright talk. or at ITSM forum.

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