e-book: Agile and Lean support & maintenance – what do you want to read about?

Current content in progress is following:

  • What is a value for the customer, why we need to know it, how to find it
  • IT service concept and value orientation
  • What is bad with ITIL and what are typical S&M problems?
  • How to create Agile and Lean ecosystem for efficient support and maintenance? Is it only about our the team?
  • How to organize team – 1 team doing DEV as well as support or have 2 teams?
  • How to plan daily and weekly tasks (iterations/sprints, Kanban, combination, Scrumban)
  • How to measure based on the value, not process efficiency?
  • How to improve current IT services so that customer can see value in it and is not constantly pushing on cost cutting?
  • Techniques for efficiency improvement, team synchronization (rotation, visualization, pair work, gamification, …)
  • Case studies: examples of teams from practice

Because I would like to deliver the value to you as well, I am asking you about your interests. Is the scope satisfactory? Is something missing? What exactly are you looking for? Could you please fill in this short questionnaire?

If you have not seen the presentation yet, you can see it below:

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