Who is the main contributor and why I’m doing it?

Jarek Procházka, PhD. (editor)

My main motto is to play and not to differ between work, joy, spare time and play. I try to do why I love and enjoy. I try to live and adjust my life and work as a funny game so that I can enjoy it as well as people around me. Therefore also people I’m working with are creative and playful, trying to improve their products and working environment.

  • 12 years experience in software development (Java EE, ME, Microsoft Business Solutions, IS QI), support and maintenance (information systems and IT services).
  • 7 years of implementation experience of IBM Rational Unified Process, OpenUP, Scrum, XP, Lean, waterfall and ITIL (versions 2 and 3).
  • experience from telecommunication, banking, energy and public sector with the customers in Europe and Czech republic.
  • 8 years experience with coaching, mentoring, facilitating workshops, trainings (daily hands-on implementation support of Agile and Lean practices in the teams, units and whole companies).
  • I trained about 650 people during that time and cooperated on daily basis with roughly 250 specialists and managers.
  • Author of the book Operate IT differently, (in Czech), Grada, 2011.
  • Author of free e-books.
  • I earned also some certifications during that time, e,g,. (1) SEI/Carnegie Mellon University Software Architecture Professional Certificate in 2007 or (2) IBM Certified Solution Designer Rational Unified Process (RUP) v7.0 in 2009 or (3) Managers Certificate in IT Service Management (ITIL) in 2007 and ITILv3 Foundation in 2011. (4) Presentation, (5) Intercultural and (6) Negotiation skills were one of those most interesting. I also obtained some certifications due to the fact that I haven’t fallen asleep during 2 days (e.g. Certified Scrum Master in 2007 :))

The results of our work are published, discussed and accepted by IT industry that is supported by our invitations and presentations at prestigious international conferences (see our presentations from European Lean IT summit 2011 or Information System Development 2010 or short video):