Video: games as a best way to learn

Our experience as well as research (e.g., Princeton University Learning Process) tell us that the best way to learn new things is real life experience. Book or course is quite inefficient, we remember only about 10-20% of the content. On the other hand real life experience is up to 70%. Psychologists will confirm that the key to learning is our personal experience.

I would bet you know the situations where you want to help somebody by warning him not to do this or that. But the person does it, no matter what you say. And of course, the situation ends up as you predicted, sometimes even worse 😉 Why do all these things happen? Why we repeat the same mistakes others did over and over again? The answer is personal experience. We need our real life experience. And this is not transferable, it has to be lived, experienced.

So, how the hack can we simulate new way of working in the practice and not to repeat the same mistakes and not learn with real services, products and customers? The cure is games, simulations as well as well formed stories bringing the same feelings like being there. Game, for instance, simulates real life environment, touches our emotions and we experience the same real life moments as when meeting our colleagues or customers in real life.

Watch out this short video showing the way we use games to teach new ways of working (ITSM/ITIL principles in this case). If you are interested in workshops on practical storytelling, you can find more info in services.

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