I have learnt that the best approach to innovate, teach new way of working or to solve the problem people perceive is by living practical experience with fun. Therefore are our services mostly practical workshops or games. We use Agile and Lean principles and practices to innovate, solve your problems and start up ITSM (value-driven) and improvement culture. All those are based on our experience from the trenches (products, projects and IT services).

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You can watch video about one of our workshops or read its detailed description. You can also check the ITIL story to see how storytelling can be used.

The core tool we use is coaching, partially mentoring. Except of ours we use mostly your (hidden) employees’ knowledge and together with our simple tools we find innovative ideas, define new way of working or tune the teams. We do not provide standard consultancy (although mentoring is also used) when we state what you should do. Why? This approach is not sustainable and we want you to learn and support the grow of your people. People tend to old way habits when consultants leave. Moreover, your people know the best what and how to do, but system very often hinders their effort. Thus our workshops focus on solving exact issues perceived by people and proved by facts.


I’m not a big collector of recommendations, but I understand they are important for decision making. Therefore you can check LinkedIn recommendations, a few sentences bellow as well as logos of companies I had longer term cooperation and ask directly people in those companies.

Last projects I really enjoyed:

  • redesigning AVG IT Operations towards agile way of working (Scrum, Kanban, ITIL) together with its leader Jaroslav Javor (company was bought in 2017 by Avast)
  • building the team and new Kentico Cloud product or accelerating KROS products (Slovak market leader in economy software), my experience from these internal startup efforts are summarized in this ebook.
  • designing and processing agile RFP (in a form of mini project, not in a traditional paper way with no real demonstration of vendor’s abilities) with one innovative Slovak bank, my experience from this type of projects is gathered in this e-book.
  • 4 months leadership programme for new LMC managers (self-understanding, understanding the team, personal and team strengths, team dysfunctions, feedback culture, coaching, my leadership style).

What people said about our cooperation:

  • Radim Petráš (Service manager): “Jaroslav is extraordinary consultant he was helping my service and in improvement project since beginning of 2012 and we have  together achieved a lot. Jaroslav is really target oriented and really helps to achieve set milestones. His knowledge of continuous services (ITIL) is really deep and he know how to use it to make service as “lean” as possible. Jaroslav is really good with combining of psychology aspects/profiles of involved persons which is leading to smooth execution and decision making. It is and it always will be a pleasure to work with Jaroslav.” August 14, 2012
  • Vladimír Vaněk, public sector: “I led project in public sector in 2009, my role was main project coordinator on customer side. Jaroslav joined us at the moment when the project started to be very delayed and vendor’s perspective was very different from customer ones. Jaroslav played the role of facilitator, led the negotiations and got respect of both sides quite quickly thanks to wide and deep knowledge of software development topics. He helped us to objectively map current status, identify the root causes and propose and implement countermeasures (mostly on vendor’s side) leading to much better project state. We also defined and agreed 3 crisis plans between the both sides. One of them was finally taken and implemented to save at least some parts of the project.”
  • Jarmo Hurtilla (Project owner): “Very useful workshop. Good method ! I was originally a little bit skeptic about using 2 days of our heavily burdened professionals time to this. Now I am convinced that it was worth while! The meaning is to find productivity and quality increasing actions through finding bottlenecks, their root causes, making priorities and agreeing on actions.”

Video from Lean ITSM game:

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