Stopping the negative spiral: our Lean IT experience


Lean is not a new paradigm. “Why should I care?” you can ask. Of course, there exist companies implementing and using Lean for decades, but at the same time we can observe some struggles with Lean effort in IT ...

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This e-book summarizes our experience with Lean IT. By Lean IT we mean using IT as a source of innovation to business as well as an approach removing the typical tension between IT and business. Lean IT can sound like suboptimization to Lean experts, but we do not suboptimize (not focus on IT only). Our experience comes from IT industry. We are not all industry experts therefore we start with IT and optimize the whole business using IT and applying human change.

This free ebook excerpt (27 pages, 2MB) covers reduced chapters and can help you to decide whether to buy the full e-book version or not.

Chapters and topics covered in the e-book:

  • our experience from Lean coaches perspective
  • stories on results achieved
  • stories on soft aspects importance
  • framework and tools we use to transform the company towards learning organization
  • soft and human aspects that need to respected and actually are the key to success (we built the framework and tools on top of that)
    • why people react to the change as they do and how to overcome it
    • how to recognize and understand their needs
    • how to build high performing team
  • practical checklists for Lean implementation

Key words: Lean IT; Lean software development; Lean enterprise; Lean transformation; Lean tools; Lean management; Kanban; soft aspects; typology; social psychology; cognitive science; experience.

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