Ebook: Agile RFP and Agile contracts for software projects

Agile principles can be applied in many areas of your business. One of them is also Agile contracts and selection procedure (typically called Request for Proposal – RFP, in Czech we call it “výběrové řízení”). Instead of traditional heavy paper work, you can run real Agile mini-project in RFP to see promised vendors’ abilities in the battlefield.

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Be careful about outsourcing innovation process

Over the last few years, I experienced companies outsourcing their “innovation process” to innovation labs and studios. This steps looks likea  pretty smart one from the management and business perspective. Outsourcing the innovation process is quite secure: you have a signed contract and external company have to deliver something innovative. It sounds like 100% certainty therefore is so tempting…

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e-book: Agile and Lean support & maintenance – what do you want to read about?

Some time ago I have published presentation from conference that dealt with Agile and Lean support and maintenance. Currently it has thousands views on slideshare and the number is still growing every day. Therefore I have decided to write another e-book about my experience in this area with different customers, companies but also contexts. What are the possibilities, what models can we use to plan the tasks, how to organize the teams, what techniques to use in order to decrease bureaucracy and increase efficiency etc.

Current content in progress is following:

  • What is a value for the customer, why we need to know it, how to find it
  • IT service concept and value orientation
  • What is bad with ITIL and what are typical S&M problems?
  • How to create Agile and Lean ecosystem for efficient support and maintenance? Is it only about our the team?
  • How to organize team – 1 team doing DEV as well as support or have 2 teams?
  • How to plan daily and weekly tasks (iterations/sprints, Kanban, combination, Scrumban)
  • How to measure based on the value, not process efficiency?
  • How to improve current IT services so that customer can see value in it and is not constantly pushing on cost cutting?
  • Techniques for efficiency improvement, team synchronization (rotation, visualization, pair work, gamification, …)
  • Case studies: examples of teams from practice

Because I would like to deliver the value to you as well, I am asking you about your interests. Is the scope satisfactory? Is something missing? What exactly are you looking for? Could you please fill in this short questionnaire?

If you have not seen the presentation yet, you can see it below:

I am just IT geek doing his job! Don’t bother me with vision or business!

I have experienced during past weeks quite interesting discussions with IT specialists, developers but also customers about the value. I was surprised that IT people still do not care much about business value. They are “just doing their job”. They do not know what their customers perceive as a value or they think it is their best effort (they usually put in). But this is wrong thinking usually having consequence in customer push on the costs. IT vendor is pissed off with this push but one of the root causes is unknown or misunderstood value. Why to pay the vendor, if you do not see any/low value in the services he delivers?

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Video: games as a best way to learn

Our experience as well as research (e.g., Princeton University Learning Process) tell us that the best way to learn new things is real life experience. Book or course is quite inefficient, we remember only about 10-20% of the content. On the other hand real life experience is up to 70%. Psychologists will confirm that the key to learning is our personal experience.

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5 steps towards change – printable card

In previous blog post I shared our presentation from Agilia 2013 conference in Brno I had with my colleague and friend Tomáš Tureček. It was about our approach towards sustainable business or personal change.

I prepared small card summary version of these 5 steps for practical use as well as a reminder. You can use it as a daily pocket guide towards human change. It looks as follows:

Card - page 1

5 steps card – page 1

5 steps card - page 2

5 steps card – page 2










You can download the card in pdf format (4Mb).

5 steps to get more cookies with less effort

The key benefit of Agile and Lean approaches is delivered customer value with less haste, with seamless workload and higher quality, all at the same time. This is what makes our customers and delivery teams happy, right? But how can we achieve this state? How to implement Agile/Lean over the whole value delivery chain?

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E-book: Stopping the negative spiral: our Lean IT experience

Lean is not a new paradigm. “Why should I care?” you can ask. Of course, there exist companies implementing and using Lean for decades, but at the same time we can observe some struggles with Lean effort in IT environment, mostly in its distributed form. Why is it so? Manufacturing and service companies deal with tangible processes and products. Unfortunately, IT products and processes are both intangible and this needs to be respected. Lean is also not limited to Scrum with Kanban as we usually see in Agile teams. Problems also appear on the boarders with other parts of company like HR, Finance, Management and they do not understand Agile.

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