Ebook: Agile RFP and Agile contracts for software projects

Agile principles can be applied in many areas of your business. One of them is also Agile contracts and selection procedure (typically called Request for Proposal – RFP, in Czech we call it „výběrové řízení“). Instead of traditional heavy paper work, you can run real Agile mini-project in RFP to see promised vendors‘ abilities in the battlefield.

By this real life mini-project experience with the domain and scope, technology, architecture, vendor and context you get much better data for further project predictions and estimations that would be much real than the traditional RFP ones.

Following brochure about Agile RFP (selection procedure) covers the principles, basic steps, preparation checklist as well as our experience.

Brochure Agile RFP for software project (EN, pdf, 11 MB) can be downloaded for free.

Update: I enclosed second version of the brochure that shortly describes also the Agile contracts basics. You asked for it and it is tightly connected to Agile RFP either. This one is accessible for free after the registration.

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